The Little Lucii

í kvöl er friðr
[Peace Is In Suffering]

"I Am The Architect Of My Own Distruction."

Twenty One.

Not Afraid.
My Loves



omfg it doesn’t match my blog WHATSOEVER but this picture is THE BEST THING EVER OK

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Watching Freaks&Geeks, waiting for my Dragon to get home.


also. Dragon said hes never had a rice crispie treat before. I mean what…is wrong..with Europeans….” - n-


Hey remember how Kuzco rejected all his prospective wives and then spent the entire movie hanging out with another dude, at one point dressing in drag and pretending to be that other dude’s wife, and no one in the mainstream media had a freakout

but MERIDA likes shooting arrows doesn’t have a fiance so gosh Pixar must have a Gay Agenda u guyz

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Me&my Dragon. The theme for Beats&Bondage was Kinktoberfest :’3 so of course he wore his German Military jacket. Im a bit spacey from the suspension we did not to long before this picture was taken, so excuse the slightly dazed look on my face.